Zero EMF Oasis Sauna - PrimalHacker
Zero EMF Oasis Sauna - PrimalHacker
Zero EMF Oasis Sauna - PrimalHacker
Zero EMF Oasis Sauna - PrimalHacker
Zero EMF Oasis Sauna - PrimalHacker

Zero EMF Oasis Sauna

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The world’s 1st Faraday Cage Sauna. Return to your ancestral space with the Zero EMF Oasis.

Our innovative and patent-pending Oasis Shielding System shields you from all forms of man-made electric fields, both wired EF from your home’s dirty electricity and wireless RF from ambient blutooth, wifi, cellular and more.

In the Oasis, you are protected from all electric field stress so your detox, mito-stim and meditative relaxation are maximized.

Real Luxury is Being EMF Free.

SaunaSpace understands the serious problem of EMF stress: man-made magnetic and electric fields have been shown in many studies to be nervous system stressors. You definitely don’t want EMF stress coming from your therapy device!

SaunaSpace design solutions ensure our products exert ZERO EMF influence on the body when used as directed. That means ZERO electric field stress and ZERO magnetic field stress.

SaunaSpace follows the highest standards of EMF protection: Geovitals Standards.

Geovitals, the world-renowned Austrian Academy for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine, is known for setting the most stringent EMF shielding standards on earth. They recommend that any electric field reading above 30 V/m is a serious problem. Ideally we want 0 V/m. To put it simply, ideally we don’t want any part of our body to be in a space or on a surface that measures above 0 V/m.

We test our product using the Geovitals EM Field Probe. [8] This incredibly sensitive electric and magnetic field meter utilizes specialized gold-plated sensors; it’s by far the most sensitive consumer electric field meter available.

SaunaSpace Design Ensures there is ZERO EMF, both Electric & Magnetic, on your Body from our Product.


Our Faraday Lamp Guards shield the user from electric fields that are emitted by the incandescent lamp, even at 0 inches from the lamp.


Our Leading Edge Shielding Design means there is 0 electric field emission from the Light Panel Body and also none from the Power Cord.


No matter how close you are to our Light Panels, they exert 0 electric field stress on your body.

At the SaunaSpace recommended use distance of 12-24 inches from the Single Light Panel, you don’t get any EMF from our product.

Same goes for our 4 Light Panel, no EMF from it on the body at 12 inches, much less at the 4 Light Panel’s recommended 18-24 inch use distance.

Ahh, no EMF feels good!