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Red LED Battery Powered Alarm Clock

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Stop EMF and Blue light at night!

This battery powered Red LED alarm clock is perfect for kids rooms and anywhere you need a clock at night that won't disturb your melatonin or give off high EMF like most plug in alarm clocks do.

I measured my kids alarm clock and it was the highest EMF device in their room until I changed it out with a battery powered device.

Type: Alarm Clocks
Motivity Type: Digital
Material: Plastic
Screen Type: LED
Style: Modern
Shape: Square
Length: 190mm
Function: Snooze Function
Weight: 200g
Model Number: LED Clock
Display Type: Digital
Width: 50mm
Form: Single Face
Diameter: 50mm
Color: red font
Square size: : 19x7x5cm/7.48x2.76x1.97
Power supply: : USB or AAA batteries