Remote Control for WiFi Router

Remote Control for WiFi Router

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Turn off Wifi at night from your bed!

Turn it back on in the morning, with this remote control.


Easy to use and operate. Use one transmitter to match more socket receivers or program more than one transmitter to each socket. Any one transmitter and socket receiver can match use after finish programming operation.
These Remote Control Outlets let you turn lamps and small appliances on and off with the press of a button. Just plug the receiver into any outlet, plug your lamp or appliance into the receiver, and the remote control can turn your item on and off. The remote control even works through walls up to a distance of 80ft. 
Plugs into any standard wall outlet
Operates through doors and walls, optimal efficiency range is 3-5 meters

For Indoor Use Only

Package Includes:  
3 x Sockets (Receiver unit)
3 x Hand held remote control (Sender unit)    

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