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PRIMED Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides w/ Glutathione

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This will ship as soon as we receive inventory beginning January 1, 2019. Are you ready for the new you in the new year?

Power your recovery and prime your body for maximum benefit. PRIMED combines the body's master antioxidant, glutathione, with 2 growth hormone releasing peptides in a one of a kind oral form. 

That's right, you can eat this and it tastes amazing. 

Packaged in 3 syringes for a full month of use. Just dispense 1mL onto a spoon or your hand and take 2 hours before or after a meal. 

Glutathione has been shown to help your body detox and quench free radicals. Growth hormone releasing peptides have been used in studies to increase the body's own growth hormone. 

Formulated into a liposomal form to bypass break down and attached to a specialized peptide used to ferry the product where it needs to be, this is the only formulation of it's kind we know of. 


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