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PRIMED Peptide w/ Glutathione

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Power your recovery and prime your body for maximum benefit. PRIMED combines the body's master antioxidant, glutathione, with 2 growth hormone releasing peptides in a one of a kind oral form. 

That's right, you can eat this and it tastes amazing. 

Packaged in 3 syringes for a full month of use. Just dispense 1mL onto a spoon or your hand and take 2 hours before or after a meal (See below for optimal dosing opinion)

Glutathione has been shown to help your body detox and quench free radicals. Growth hormone releasing peptides have been used in studies to increase the body's own growth hormone. 

Formulated into a liposomal form to bypass break down and attached to a specialized peptide used to ferry the product where it needs to be, this is the only formulation of its kind we know of. 

1. Taste - SARMs and designer peptides taste awful! Ours taste amazing based on more than 50 responses during our trials.

2. Availability - Bound to Lactoferrin to bypass digestion, this patented technology was designed specifically to bring peptides through digestion intact. Most growth hormone releasing peptides are degraded during digestion and have to be injected.* 

3. Ease of Use - you can carry the product in your carryon bag when you travel, bring it with you to work or the gym and it's easy to take. You don't even need any water because there are no pills to swallow. 

We're not Doctors, so definitely work with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements. 

Here's how Thaddeus has been using the product for the biggest effect: 

2 weeks of

Using a full dose 1mL in the morning 1-2 hours before breakfast.

Using a full dose 1mL before bed. RIGHT before I go to sleep. 

Followed by 2+ months of 

3 days using the product before bed

3 days no product

3 days using the product before bed etc...

This has given me better sleep scores on Oura Ring (a sleep tracker) and crazy dreams. In a good way. 

To put on muscle, I used the below protocol to gain 16lbs in 7 weeks without gaining any fat. I measured this with Dexascan and you can find articles here and here to read about it. I used different peptides in that trial, and I like the peptides in PRIMED better because they taste better and studies show that they stimulate growth hormone versus working like a SARMs which modulate androgen receptors. I just feel these are gentler and still very effective based on my experience. 

For muscle gain I: 

Took the product twice a day (before bed and upon rising) for 2 weeks. 

Some research I did showed your body can get used to the peptides so after two weeks I went to using it three days on, three days off.

Moved my body every single day with only 1 day off where I walked or hiked. 

Followed Dan Johns Mass Made Simple protocol, found for free on the web. 

Deadlifted once a week (reps 10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 10) for weights (135, 145, 155, 175, 185, 205, 225, 275, 295, 295, 305, 135lbs) switched between that and 3x3 (3 sets of 3 reps) Warm up (135x10, 225x1, 275x1) then 275-295x3 for 3 sets)

Squat, bench press, Row Twice a week (5x5 for strength)

Once a week Body By Science Big 5 workout (1 set to failure)

Once a week Empty Hand (Pistol squats, push ups, pull ups)

Every day - Kettlebells (some combination of swings, clean and press, snatch, renegade row)

I followed each workout that I could with 20-30minutes in the sauna. 

I ate more protein and carbs than usual, but still not nearly as much as most people claim you need. I went from 152lbs roughly to 168lbs on 2100-288 calories. I lost about 5-6lbs of what I gained over a few months but retained the rest.

If I wanted to lose fat, I would likely add in fasted morning cardio, keto or carnivore diet or calorie deficit, less focus on mass building and more on strength.


You can google all those terms to find out how to do them. 

*(We have no laboratory study data on this exact formulation, this exact combination is brand new to the world. Each of the peptides has been shown effective in studies, and the patented mechanism of bringing peptides through digestion has been shown)



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