Powered AF 100% Chromists DHA Algae Oil - Unflavored - PrimalHacker
Powered AF 100% Chromists DHA Algae Oil - Unflavored - PrimalHacker

Powered AF 100% Chromists DHA Algae Oil - Unflavored

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Powered AF 100% Chromists DHA Algae Oil is a powerhouse nutrient. Your retina and brain contain the most DHA in your body. Power up with DHA from algae, which is the same source the fish use to get the DHA. It’s the original “source” DHA.  Our Algae-based DHA is the only water extracted algae DHA.

Research shows DHA:*

  • Keeps synapses functioning at peak efficiency

Specifically algal DHA:

  • Slows heart rate
  • Improves memory
  • Maintains lower triglyceride levels
  • Maintains higher "good" cholesterol and ratio
  • Maintains lower blood pressure
  • Maintains heart health as a better predictor than cholesterol for the general population. 
  • Maintains lower risk of colon cancer
  • Maintains lower risk of macular degeneration
  • Maintains higher DHA levels in the brain
  • Maintains lower Dry Eye symptoms
  • Maintains childhood sleep patterns
  • Maintains lower ADHD symptoms
  • Maintains lower risk of preterm birth

Does Optimized AF DHA actually make it to your cells (SN-2 DHA)?

DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid. Fatty acids in DHA come attached to a glycerol molecule that has three attachment points for each of the three fatty acids. The fatty acids can be attached to the first, second or third position on the glycerol. When DHA is attached to the second position on the glycerol, called SN-2, it is referred to as SN-2 DHA.  SN-2 DHA is said to absorb better into the blood and then be placed into the body where it needs to be. If the DHA is in another position on the glycol, the 1 or 3 position, it is said that it’s not bioavailable. Lipid researchers we’ve spoken to say that the fatty acids are completely removed from the glycerol in most cases before digestion and thus SN-2 DHA is no different than other positions of DHA because they are all removed from the glycerol before absorption into the blood. The DHA source we use is claimed to be 50%+ SN-2 DHA, so even if it were true that only SN-2 DHA is bioavailable, our Powered AF DHA contains plenty of SN-2 DHA.

DHA contributes electrons to your cells that can absorb photons to create energy. When photons colloid with electrons in the body, the electrons pass on that energy to our body DHA has plenty of electrons to help you make use of nature’s #1 nutrient, sunlight.

Get Powered up. Get Powered AF.

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