New Mom's Sleep Solution
New Mom's Sleep Solution
New Mom's Sleep Solution
New Mom's Sleep Solution

New Mom's Sleep Solution

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Circadian biology has been shown to be one of the most important aspects of health. 

Research has shown that circadian biology is disrupted when we are exposed to the wrong light at night.

Waking up multiple times at night?  

Is it hard for you or your newborn to get back to sleep? 

Do you wake up feeling tired?

Do you ever turn lights on at night when you get up? 

Do you have LED lights glowing from the smoke detector to the alarm clock to the microwave oven timer? 

All these lights at night could be affecting circadian rhythm. 

The main issue is that modern lighting has too much Blue light in it. 

Blue light has been shown to have the biggest effect on circadian rhythm than other wavelengths of light. 

Stick with red light at night and also use glasses to block blue light at night. 

Red light at night is also well studied to provide additional health benefits above and beyond maintaining circadian rhythm. 

Use the Portable Red Light wherever and whenever you nurse after sunset and before sunrise. In addition, the red light is powerful enough to be used for red light therapy. Take it with you when you travel. It's small enough to throw in your overnight bag. The light is 45watts and contains red and infrared light.

Use the red flashlight to get to the bathroom or to your newborn at night without having to turn on any artificial lights.

Block artificial light at night from screens like your phone and tablet and home lighting after dark with blue light blocking glasses. 

Use the red light strip as a nightlight, as a portable red light when you travel, and when you work on a device during the day.



Single Red Light Panel, Red Light Strip


Single Red Light Panel, Red Light Strip, red flashlight


Single Red Light Panel, Red Light Strip, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Red Flashlight


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