Cellphone Silver lined Faraday Cage Pouch

Cellphone Silver lined Faraday Cage Pouch

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Want to reduce the radiation from your phone. 

Don't want to be tracked by the GPS chip? Put your phone in this pouch. 

Want to ensure you sleep well at night ? 

Want to keep your phone in your pocket? Better get one of these!

A faraday prevents most of the microwave radiation, cell signal, WiFi, or bluetooth from getting to your phone or emitting from it. 

Remember, when your phone is completely cinched into this bag, it won't get data or calls. But if you just open the top of the bag, it will reduce nearly ALL the radiation and still allow data and calls. 

You can even put the phone in the pouch with the top open so put it close to your head and talk on it without irradiating your brain like you would when you put an unshielded cellphone to your head. 



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