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Blue Light Blocking Glasses - PrimalHacker

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Do you want to protect your eyes from Macular degeneration?

How about Blue Light Hazard?

That's right, blue light during the day from computer screens, smartphones and devices have been shown to cause eye strain, fatigue, and free radicals that could lead to macular degeneration. Imagine what happens all day long when your kids are under blue light and looking at devices! 

At night, blue light has been shown to reduce melatonin production and cause us to lose out on sleep and the benefits of sleep. Protect your eyes! Protect your children's eyes with these inexpensive blue light blocking glasses. 


Lightweight PC frame with anti-scratch lenses and UV protection.

Filter out high blue light emitted from electronic devices, like computer screens, smartphones, TVs, etc.  We've tested these to show they block the most intense rays of blue light from 450nm and below. 

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