Red Flashlight For Nightime

Red Flashlight For Nightime

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Stop Ruining melatonin after sunset. Turn off your lights and use a red flashlight for reading, getting up to use the bathroom and more. Hand one to your kids for reading at night and heading to the bathroom.


  • This one mode single mode red light flashlight is specially designed for night activties. 
  • Single mode one mode flashlight: 1 switch mode(On/OFF), 1 mode red LED flashlight. You may be bored with switching 3 modes or 5 modes of other flashlights to find the right mode you wanted, this ONLY ONE mode flashlight is just for you.
  • You slide the head of the flashlight back and forth for zooming light in and out, zoomable LED for more than 150 yard long range light beam; The red light can be used for sending signal, for asking help, for warnings
  • This red flashlight use one AA battery

4.7 x 3.7 x 1.1 inches

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